Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So earlier this week I took the plunge and went to see James Cameron's Avatar. Cameron has quietly been working on this project, and more importantly the technology required to produce a 3-D epic. The result is stunning from a production point of view. By far the most compelling 3-D film I have ever seen, Avatar delivers where all other films utilizing this technology have fallen short, instead of appearing cheesy the use of 3-D enhances the things that we already love about epic blockbusters. The colors are more vivid, the exotic creatures of the planet Pandora more lifelike, and the battle scenes more intense.

The technology works so well in this film because it is effectively coupled with an incredible story. Avatar tells the story of Jake Sully a parapelgic former marine who is sent to the planet in place of his twin brother to serve as an "Avatar Driver" a human being whose consciousness is transferred to a genetically modified body created from a mix of human DNA and that of the Native Navi. I was blown away. This film was a tremendous ride and I literally was speechless for the duration. What makes this film especially poignant was the fact that it raised a number of prominent issues well above the pay grade of your typical sci-fi action adventure story. Specifically, the film challenges the relationship between the earth and humanity, consumerism, the god of the profit margin, and most importantly Avatar questioned what we deem important in our every day lives.

Without giving anything away I will simply say GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

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