Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Has Chelsea [Handler] Done For Me Lately

I am a huge fan of Chelsea Handler's comedic talk show Chelsea Lately on E! and actually almost everything she has done so far. Her stand up is funny and her first two books were great. I started reading her third effort Chelsea, Chelsea Bang, Bang with naturally high expectations. I was tremendously let down. Far and away the best part of this book is her scantily clad picture on the cover. The stories (all more recent than in her earlier works) are not funny and rather mundane, trite crap. To add insult to injury the book is ridiculously short, comprised of just eleven chapters that are VERY liberally spaced.

In searching for the underlying reason for the suckiness of this book I keep arriving at just one conclusion: Chelsea Handler's relationship with E! Executive Ted Something or Other. This relationship severely limits the discussion of Handler's funniest topic, her sexual escapades. More importantly though she loses her ability to relate to the audience while discussing the absurd lifestyle allotted to her by Ted. Lets face it no one likes the person who is sleeping with the boss, living in the boss'sweet house, and mooching off of him at every turn.

The lone bright spot in this book is the use of original pictures from her blackberry but even those are not nearly enough to save this train wreck.

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