Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Wishlist for the 112th Congress

So yesterday the 112th United States Congress was sworn in and John Boehner of Ohio became Speaker of the House as the Republican Party officially took control of the lower house of Congress. With the U.S. still facing tough economic times with unemployment inching towards 10% Congress must focus on the major issues facing American families or the new GOP members will be thrown out in 2010. So here is my wishlist for the 112th Congress and a few things I hope they don't do as well:

1. Replace Obamacare with a state based alternative- during the debate over healthcare reform the GOP offered 80 constructive amendments all of which were disallowed by Speaker Pelosi. Republicans and Democrats must work together to craft a more viable and less expensive alternative to government mandated care. This will become even more urgent should the Supreme Court hear Virginia's challenge to the individual mandate of Obamacare.

2. Extend the Current Tax Rates- Taxing job creators is a surefire way to stop employers from hiring new people. Lets get serious, raising taxes in a time a economic downturn puts the entire recovery at risk. The "Bush" tax cuts should stop being demonized and protected to ensure that companies can afford to create jobs (a role that government cannot accomplish).

3. Deficit Reduction- Washington takes in plenty of money, the reason we are facing a soaring national debt is that we are simply spending too much. If the United States is going to avoid major austerity measures like those occurring in Greece we need to get serious about cutting our spending. The cuts made by the Coalition Government in the UK under David Cameron can serve as a model the U.S.

4. Balance the Budget- Enough Said.

5. Push for carbon emission caps and create incentives for nuclear and green power- Also pretty straightforward.

Now for a few things I hope the new Congress will leave the hell alone

1. The DREAM Act- Extending benefits to the children of illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants themselves is a surefire way to encourage MORE illegal immigration. I do however believe that illegal immigrants serving in the Armed Forces should receive a fast track to citizenship.

2. Gay Marriage and Abortion- There are some things people will never agree on. Why waste the entire country's time showing how progressive or conservative you really are.

3. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan- It is time to get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are shed more than enough American blood in Middle East hell holes. Neo-conservative wars for democratization are not worth any American dying for. I don't have the slightest interest in a "global democratic revolution." I want the U.S. to be secure and ready to meet the challenges of the next decades.

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